Histogram Tool - A bug? Or a Feature? :-)

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Histogram Tool - A bug? Or a Feature? :-)

Post by Koyaanis » Thu 12 Oct 2006 02:14

I noticed when using the Histogram Correction tool, you can select the "input" range with the colored adjustment bars/sliders right in the histogram window, then select the "output" range with the sliders in the gray-scale band at the bottom. But it doesn't behave as most Histogram tools I've used.

If I clip off the highlights in the "input" window, and then slide the "output slider below the clip limit that I set in the input window, it makes those values that I had previously clipped visible again. Though darker, to match the output settings.

The same is true if I "clip" out dark values with the input sliders, and then increase the darkness of the output adjustment past where the input slider is. The dark values now become visible again (just lighter to match the output settings).

In all other Histogram tools in other editors, when I clipped (deleted) values with the input adjustments, those values remained clipped, and only the remaining values were used when calculating the output levels.

Is this busted? Or a new way of doing things?

I really do prefer to be able to permanently clip values in the input options and then get to play with the output as I see fit, without any of the original clipped values coming back into-play.

So, in case this is a bug, I'm reporting it. If it's a feature that I'm not used to using yet, could someone explain why it works this way and why it might be a better way of doing things?

Thanks! :-)

p.s. It would be really nice if there was a secondary graph overlay in the histogram graph window done in another color that also showed the "after" results, rather than just the "before" (or source) histogram. This would be a great feature in any of the curve/histogram adjustment windows. Something to think about in the future.