Strange Mask Brush Problem

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Strange Mask Brush Problem

Post by Koyaanis » Tue 07 Nov 2006 12:09

Everything was working fine, but this evening I was using the Mask Brush, to outline some colors that I wanted to use the Red-eye tool on. But the oddest thing, now the Mask Brush no longer works. If I click on anything the Show Mask button momentarily depresses to show a full-image mask. Then when I release the mouse-button on what I tried to select on the image with the Mask Brush, the "Show Mask" button releases.

(snipped a bunch of things I tested)

Further bug-tracking hints: If I use a "Select All" before using the "Mask Brush" tool, then I can use it as stated (where I click it momentarily it shows the mask color and then it shows the usual lasso outline). And all other painting tools also work. If I use the Mask Brush on lassoed areas after inverting this "Select All" mask, then it erases whatever mask I had set with it. My Mask Brush is WORKING BACKWARDS!

Most strange.

... A day later and a few letters with Gerhard (my wasting his valuable time) ... and I figured out the problem.

As Homer Simpson would say, "D'oH!"

I read the help file again. I didn't stop to think that the Mask Brush would be dependent on the foreground painting color when using it. But just like painting on any mask, yes it is! :-) (Maybe I'm having a stroke.)

If I use a white Mask Brush, then the brush behaves in reverse. If I use a black Mask Brush, then it behaves as how I was first learning to use it.

I'm going to leave this post up to help prevent other people from hitting their forehead and yelling "D'oH!"


What a nice mask-editing tool! NOW THAT I FIGURED OUT HOW TO USE IT PROPERLY.

(My apologies to Gerhard for wasting his time with my stupidity. :-) )