Editing Animations?

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Editing Animations?

Post by Koyaanis » Sat 11 Nov 2006 12:51

I'm probably missing something, but is there an easy way to apply any effect or change to all layers for something like an animated GIF file?

For example, if I wanted to change all colors in all frames of an animation. Or flood-fill a certain portion of all frames. I can't seem to find any easy way to do this other than applying the change to each layer independently.

Is there some option somewhere where I can select "Apply to All Layers"?

It would be nice if I could flood-fill an area on one frame and have it work on them all. Or to replace a color, or sharpen, or skew them all the same amount, things like that. I tried using the flood-fill "Read Merged" option but that doesn't seem to work this way.

I just can't seem to figure out how to do this.