Hue/Saturation Tool Improvement Request

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Hue/Saturation Tool Improvement Request

Post by Koyaanis » Wed 17 Jan 2007 16:48

I've been using the Hue/Saturation tool to try altering some flesh-tones in photos, by using the "Range" selection option. I'm surprised how well this works for this purpose. The small 3-row color adjustment window with the slider bars works great for fine-tuning what range of colors I need to tweak.

For example, for flesh-tones: I first use a "Range" selection of reds or yellows. Then I move the "hue" adjustment all the way to one side, to get a better view of which colors in the image that I'm selecting by making them garishly different in color. Once I have fine-tuned the range of colors in the photo that I need to shift, by using the central adjustment sliders on the color-bars, then I fine-tune the hue-shift and intensity that I need.

However, this tool's window remains in a fixed size. Would there be a way to make this tool resize-able (larger) so the adjustment bars could have more precise movements? And even then, could that 3 color-bar/slider adjustment be moved to the bottom of the tool's main panel so it is the full-width of the panel? If that adjustment slider were made larger it would greatly improve the use and functionality of this. I can now see by using this tool carefully, with practice, it could surpass the ability of most other editing software's color-replacer tools.

Thanks if you can improve this feature.

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I agree, bigger would be better in this case.

Post by lutz » Thu 18 Jan 2007 21:47

I agree, bigger would indeed be better in this case.