New in Version 14.50

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New in Version 14.50

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- Brush Editor in brush list
- Browse: Save/Load IPTC data

- Huge Images: Images with more then 50 MPixel can now be used
- New curve mode: Spline
- Scale: enhanced (more options for actions)
- Crop tool: Cropping area can now be moved by using the keyboard
- Text settings are now dockable
- PDF import: Can now read some defect PDF files better
- PDF export: If ZIP-compression is used, RGB images with no more than 256 colors are now saved as indexed images
- Layer Properties, Resolution, image layers, document mode: in document the resolution of raster images now directly controls the print resolution
- Text layer, layer und page feed: After inserting a frame feed with Shift+return the text will continue in the next text layer, after a page feed (Ctrl+return) the text will continue on the next page
- Alignment of dialogs on first start, Mac OS: The dialogs are now correctly aligned to the edges
- Undo, Actions: Memory consumption of undo reduced
- Comboboxes, Mac OS: Length of combobox list is adjusted to the number of items
- Text input: Formatting of text using an extreme script font enhanced
- Plugins: support for more modules
- Plugins, Windows: Loading is faster now
- Crop Document: can now also be used with pictures
- Browse: Saves sorting
- Browse: Editable sort direction
- Working Mode: Switching from picture mode to document mode sets the background color to transparent, if the background image has transparency
- DPI, document mode, image layers: with image layers all dialogs are now showing the DPI of the placed image
- Curves: can now be used to edit the transparency channel
- Layer Tool, transform: instead of the frame the whole layer is transformed now
- Undo: better memory utilization (especially when using actions)

Bug Fixes:
- Vector graphics: Line joins enhanced
- Distort Wavy, Mac OS: Preview button didn't work, Reset button was to large
- Text Settings, Mac OS: after creating path text, the text options disappeared
- Stamp Tool: scaled stamps had a whitish edge
- Undo, Actions: on executing an action undo maybo consumed more memoy than allowed: fixed
- Dialogs, Docking, Mac OS: docking a dialog at the top edge of a secondary screen snapped the dialog to the bottom edge of the menu bar
- Browse, Options: if "Don't Save" had been selected, two other switches were turned on (instead of being disabled)
- Display/Pages: crash, that is hard to reproduce, fixed
- Crash, Mac OS: there were undefined crashes (mostly in the layer effects dialog)
- Grid, Mac OS: point mode didn't show points
- Quit: Possible crash on quit (with data on pasteboard) fixed
- Plug-Ins: Problems with some plug-ins (mostly on Mac OS) fixed
- Layer Effects, Window Shades/Tubes, Mac OS: the width couldn't be switched from relative to absolute and viceversa
- Color Balance: Problems with images with transparency fixed
- Working Layer, edit: the dialog preview now uses the intensity and the display mode of the working layer
- Preferences/Color Management/Devices/Rendering Intent, Mac OS: Rendering Intent was always reset to "Perceptual"
- Radial Blur: problem with transparency fixed
- Copybrush: "Merged Copy" now works correctly, if the active layer is a transformed image
- Text Options, Character: some settings weren't updated correctly after undo
- Print, poster mode, print rotated, Mac OS: didn't work
- Print, pages mode, saveral pages per sheet of paper, Mac OS: the calculated number of sheets was to large
- Print Options: Presets couldn't be created
- Layer effect "Shadow": Layers with shadow were created to large