Test Version 1490b8

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Test Version 1490b8

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there is a new public beta of PhotoLine.
If you have an appropriate operating system (XP-64, Vista-64, Mac OS 10.5 with Intel), this version can be executed as a 64 bit application.
This way you can utilize your complete installed main memory (more then the usual 2 GB).
We have tested this version heavily, nevertheless there may be severe bugs.

Windows 32 Bit:

Windows 64 Bit:

Mac OS (32 Bit and 64 Bit):

Here is a list of the major changes since version 14.51:
  • dockable dialogs "redone"
  • Color Correction (Filter/Digital Camera)
  • Red Eye Tool
  • Ray Tool
  • SVG Import
  • Text: Text can now be formatted in register
  • Blends: Can be edited in the document window if the corresponding editing
    tool is active
  • Browse: Now with preview
  • Color Fields: Function to find "harmonic" colors
  • Variable Blur (Filter/Blur): Adjusts the filter size according to the mask
  • Scale, Resize: Formula support
    • Functions:
      sin(radiant), cos(radiant), tan(radiant), sqrt(value), min(value1; value2[;...]), max(value1;value2[;...]), if(condition;value1;value2)
    • Comparison operators:
      "<", "<=", "=", ">", ">="
    • Calculation operators:
      "+", "-", "*", "/"
  • Attributes dialog completly redesigned
    • It is now the control center for all attributes of a document/page/layer
    • Content new structured and visually more appealing
    • Most values can now be edited directly
  • Curves: can now optionally work in Lab or HIS
  • Duplication of the background layer: A transparency channel is created
  • Layer Mask/Convert for Previous, virtual copy: If the active layer contains
    a virtual copy referencing the previous layer, the command is disabled
  • ICC Profiles: Can be loaded alternatively from "Defaults/ICCProfiles"
  • Layer dialog: now offers layer mask functions
  • Batch Convert: if the destination format is fix (i.e. JPEG), Batch Convert
    allows to directly adjust the export settings
  • Batch Convert: if the destination format is fix (i.e. JPEG), the local
    settings are used and the global settings are not modified
  • Text Options: Outline color and line style added
  • Curves/Curve Editor: points can be deleted with Delete (Windows)
    and Backspace (Mac OS)
  • Text Layers, shortcuts, Mac OS: Cmd+Arrow up jumps to the beginning of the
    text, Cmd+Arrow down to the text end
  • Text Layers, shortcuts: Ctrl+Pos1 jumps to the beginning of the text,
    Ctrl+End to the text end
  • Perspective transformation: can now be recorded as action
  • Browse: thumbnails of JPEG-, TIFF- and PNG-files are now generated
    in the background
  • Lasso: can now be scaled with shift+arrow key (Ctrl/Command for larger steps)
  • Crop tool: Cropping can now be done with Enter and with Return, too
  • Document mode, screen output: parts outside the document are shown lighter
  • Text Settings: the text settings are now in the tool settings of the
    Edit Text tool
  • Plug-Ins: better plug-in-support (especially masking plug-ins)
  • Pixelize Filter: Now respects the mask
  • Usage of Shift - Alt swapped for moving and scaling layers
  • Layer Settings: Dialog was removed because it is no longer needed
  • Blends are now dithered