New in version 20.51

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New in version 20.51

Post by Gerhard Huber » Tue 24 Oct 2017 17:10

  • Windows, Installer: Removes old 64-bit version now
  • Windows, TIFF: Problem in 32-bit version fixed
  • Online help: Problem with grouped tool entries solved
  • TIFFLib 4.08
  • PNGLib auf 1.6.32
  • ZLib auf 1.2.11
  • LittleCMS 2-2.8
  • Batch rename: Crash on leaving fixed
  • Mehrfachumbenennen: text position was always reset to 0
  • PCX import: Unpacker protected against overflow
  • Plug-Ins: GetPath-Suite returns the plug-in path without an input path
  • Hue Editor: Saves color mode
  • Curves and Exposure: didn't work properly with Lab
  • Windows, dragging of layers, status bar: At least in a VM, dragging of layers wasn't smooth when the status bar was turned on
  • Color to Transparency: The mask was not applied correctly for 16 and 32 bit images
  • Slideshow: the last 4 fade modes were reversed in themselves
  • Display of vector patterns: Possible infinite loop fixed
  • Document templates: Were inserted in the wrong order
  • Export....: Saves the last file format now between program runs
  • Define keyboard shortcuts: It was not possible to define new shortcuts, because releasing the special keys deleted the shortcut
  • Text: Chinese text was sometimes wrapped at the wrong positions
  • Font list: was not scaled with the screen DPI
  • Spell checker, Windows 10: Worked only after setting a language in the settings

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