Tutorials in English

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Tutorials in English

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I believe in the PhotoLine product, and I believe that wider acceptance of it will not be possible with tutorials solely in the German language. Certainly, the International forum is useful, but there seems to be many pdfs and video tutorials that would be very useful to me, and yet they are out of my reach. Please, when making a tutorial video, please consider making an English version of the tutorial video as well, even if you believe that your English is not great (I'll bet its better than you think). We need these, and the product itself needs these to become the great product that we know it is. If not a complete English video, subtitles would be fine; it would make this information available to a wider audience.
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Re: Tutorials in English

Post by SCX »

There are some videos on youtube, here for example http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb7Etrm ... HDA/videos

PDFs can be translated, for example with http://translate.google.de
Just upload the PDF there and get the English version of the text, unfortunately without images.
They are far from perfect, but maybe it is enough. At least a good laugh is guaranteed with the auto-translation.