Tutorial: Photo in a Glass

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Tutorial: Photo in a Glass

Post by photoken » Tue 27 Oct 2015 07:42

A recent question in the user forum of another product caused me to revisit an old tutorial I'd written for placing an image "into" a glass, revising the tutorial for PhotoLine.

Here's the result we're trying to achieve:
wedding glass 01.jpg
So, let's get started!

These are the two images we'll be using:
wedding glass 01 originals.jpg
  1. Open the image of the wine glass.
  2. Create a new layer and move this new layer below the wine glass image. (This layer will keep the document size the same during any subsequent manipulations.)
  3. Add a background of your choice to the new bottom layer.
  4. Make the wine glass layer the active layer and create a mask to separate the wine glass from its background. In this case, I first used the AutoMask tool and then painted on the mask to fine-tune it. (It's important to get a great mask around the cup area because this mask will be used twice.)
  5. Create a Color to Transparency adjustment layer for the wine glass to eliminate the original background colour from the glass. In this case, the colour I removed was white. Adjust the CtT settings so that the original background colour is removed, but the blacks and greys are retained.
  6. Import your photo of the people as a layer, and move it below the wine glass layer; adjusting the photo's size and position so the people are nicely centered in the cup of the glass.
  7. When things are looking good, it's a good idea to bring that photo layer to document size.
  8. Duplicate the wine glass layer mask, and move the duplicate onto the people photo as a (child) mask.
  9. If your photo is extending into the stem of the wine glass, paint on the people photo mask with black to hide the stem area of the mask.
Those are the basic steps. All that's left is fine-tuining.
  • I added a mask to the CtT adjustment layer and painted with a large, very soft brush at 5% with black to lessen the transparency effect around the edges of the cup area so that the shape would appear more rounded. I also painted some black on the stem to lessen its transparency and make it appear brighter.
  • I added a Histogram adjustment layer as a child of the wine glass and moved the black point and gamma sliders to give the wine glass a little more sparkle.
The final layer arrangement looks like this:
wedding glas 01 layers.png
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Re: Tutorial: Photo in a Glass

Post by cimfine » Tue 27 Oct 2015 11:32

Hey, this looks really nice and useful. I will remember that this can be done and use it as soon as I know where :)