Standard-Order of Raw Adjustment Filters

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Standard-Order of Raw Adjustment Filters

Post by Tida » Sun 07 Oct 2018 22:40

Just a principle question about the order of filters, which appear as soon as I open pictures in raw.

Especially, I don't understand, why Denoise-Filter is placed so late. I would mean, that it should be the first filter before Histogram Correction. In extreme cases I see a much better effect, when I place it first...

Furthermore, it makes little sense to use Unsharp Masikng, as usually sharpening should be the one of last overall applied filters.

Is it possible to customize the standard order, that is applied as soon as you open raw? I mean without using a new Layer Preset...

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Re: Standard-Order of Raw Adjustment Filters

Post by bkh » Tue 09 Oct 2018 12:31

You can specify an action which will be executed when the raw has been opened (in Preferences —Files — Raw). You can use this action to reorder/add/delete filters, make presets etc.

The first histogram correction adjusts the gamma value, which has an effect on denoising in PL, afaik (different strength of denoising for shadows vs. Midtones). Choose what works best for you, similarly for other filters. Sharpening is the last step in my version of PL.

Cheers Burkhard