Archviz post production

Hier findet man Beispielbilder
Here you can find sample images
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Archviz post production

Post by Juan » Thu 25 Jun 2020 15:09

Hi all,

I wanted to show you my latest personal project, inspired by a photograph found in Pinterest.
Hope you like it :).

RAW LowRes:

Edited LowRes:

Here is the layer stack:

Here you can find the HiRes images:!AoMv8bCdXlOduynBGvD ... A?e=IvwMhP!AoMv8bCdXlOduyrpj6- ... N?e=hxmt9F

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Re: Archviz post production

Post by der_fotograf » Fri 26 Jun 2020 07:15

The term »Archviz« means that this is not a photograph, but a computer rendering.

Though I can't see the large versions due to my strict browser settings, I can see that the shadow on the wall at the top has a blue tone, while at the bottom next to the bathtub a red tone. That is not logical and pretty contradictory — in this specific scene you can have only one single shade in the radiosity. There is only one single light source: the window. One single light source can only have one single color, not two. In addition, you have added a wet spot in the wall next to the shower — an architect wouldn't be amused, because this would tell him that there is a leak somewhere in the piping or that the plaster is not waterproof.

Too many layers — for what?
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Re: Archviz post production

Post by gerryW » Fri 26 Jun 2020 08:19

Nachträgliches herumbasteln in der Bildbearbeitung ist immer die schlechtere Lösung.

Man sollte am Anfang beginnen, also beim fotografieren. Den Raum richtig ausleuchten usw.
Wenn man den Auslöser drückt muss das Bild, so gut wie möglich, fertig sein.

Wenn man einfach drauf los knipst und am Ende anfängt rum zu wurschteln kommt selten was Gutes bei raus - wie man sieht. Und mehr Arbeit und Zeit kostet es auch.

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Re: Archviz post production

Post by dutchman » Fri 26 Jun 2020 21:10

Hi Juan,
I like it... Beyond reality... That's my thing.
You don't wanna sell this pic... It's an example. IT IS YOUR IDEA OF SEEING THINGS IN YOUR PERSONAL WAY.
Very nice idea with the wet spot on the wall. It was already there... but you brought the spot more visible.
Der Fotograf (his eyes seems to be better than an eagle) is right in terms of color. BTW...
No bother at all on my side. It don't cares, as long as the pic is for you!
Why didn't you make a B/W pic? And only the wooden "bath-bridge" could you turn(or leave) in a kind of brownish. Mask it in.
And make the shadows darker and the lights brighter... Try it.
Very nice job, because image editing extends the way of looking to a particular image.
It doesn't matter real or surreal. Editing makes the different... Both ways are good. Pics that take your eyes to things that never were there... till now.
Salvador Dalí, one of the most popular surrealistic painters ever and creator of the melting clocks! Ever saw a melting clock in your live?
Great, I wanna see more of your artistic work here.
If it IS a rendered image indeed... MUCH MORE OF MY RESPECT... 4,9 out of 5.
If it is an image (You wrote RAW-format... I guess from a camera?) 4.5 out of 5.
Do your best! Thumbs UP!
Best regards