Neue Testversion 23.40b7

Hier diskutieren die Betatester von PhotoLine untereinander und mit den Entwicklern
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Re: Neue Testversion 23.40b7

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Martin Huber wrote: Mon 23 May 2022 16:32 IMHO that is too complicated for most users.

Does any app has these export options? I've checked a few (for some, I just checked the documentation) and if I didn't miss anything, none of them had these.

I fear that we will once again create a function with a plethora of features and in the end nobody will use it, because it is too complicated.

For now, I have impemented a simple solution:
- the layer name can additionally contain subpaths. For example "folder1/folder2/flower" will create the subfolders "flower1" and "flower2" and save the file named "flower" there.
- The prefix can also contain subpaths. So with the example above and a prefix of "folder3/", there will be one more subfolder.

This way "normal" users aren't confused with options and infos they don't need while keeping the system flexible.

Sounds good to me! Power users will not mind such a solution.
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