"Sync" edits

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"Sync" edits

Post by bruce1951 »

OK a long shot here!

I've been watching a few YouTube videos where the user was editing in Lightroom. (The dark side!). They 'sync' their edits to other files.

Apart from creating an Action is there a way of 'syncing' the edits done to one image over to another/s in a set of image/s?

I take a lot of brackets. And I would like to apply the exact same edits to all images in a set/batch. From there they can be tonemapped or focus blended.

Any ideas on how I could apply the edits across to other images? From the History?

ps. an action would be very clumsy as I do a lot of back and forth with editing.
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Re: "Sync" edits

Post by shijan »

Maybe use action like this:
- Add and tune all required adjustment layers
- Select all adjustment layers
- Cut (Command+X)
- Create new action
- Click "Record"
- Paste (Command+V)
- Stop recording
- Add that action to "File->Functions->Batch Converting" and apply it to multiple files.
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