PhotoLine Tips: Contents
    1. PhotoLine FAQ (Frequently asked questions) 

    2. Working samples  
    2.1 Web samples 
    2.1.1 Create a button in classic mode 
    2.1.2 Create a ball with a shadow 
    2.1.3 Create a 3D-button in PhotoLine 
    2.1.4 Create a transparent area from a color  
    2.2 Use Blendings 
    2.2.1 A rainbow 
    2.2.2 Pillars 
    2.3 Classic imaging 
    2.3.1 Collagen - Copy a part of an image into another 
    2.3.2 An image with structure 
    2.3.3 Create a soft border around an image 
    2.3.4 Colorize an image 
    2.3.5 Create a transparent text box 
    2.3.6 Two images on one piece of paper 
    2.3.7 Pixelize the border of an image 
    2.3.8 b/w-raster, newspaper raster 
    2.3.9 Create a gray area in an image 
    2.3.10 How to edit a lasso 
    2.3.11 Remove red eyes
    2.4 Special imaging
    2.4.1 Vektorize an image
    2.4.2 A helicopter
    2.4.3 Distorted text
    2.4.4 Create a pattern
    2.4.5 Text along curves - path text
    2.5 Layout tasks
    2.5.1 Create a business card
    2.6 Animations
    2.6.1 How to morph one image to another
    2.6.2 How to create a rotating image

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