PhotoLine Tip: Create a button in classic mode

1. Start with a new image, for example 100 x 100 pixel in size, RGB color.

2. Create a Circle Lasso (click on the Free Lasso icon an hold down the mouse key. Select the circle from the popup. Press the Alt key and drag the circle at the document)

3. Select the Blend Tool from the toolbox.
Blend Tool

4. Create a linear blend from a dark color to a light color.
Blend Tool Options

5. Apply the linear blend on the circle.
Resulting Image 1

6. Press Ctrl+D to delete the old circle and create a second Circle Lasso a little bit smaller then the first one and apply the linear blend in the other direction.
Resulting Image 2

7. Now you can set some text on your button
Resulting Image 3

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