PhotoLine Tip: Collagen - Copy a part of an image into another

1. Start with the image of your girl/boy friend.
Source Image

2. To make work easier try to get an image with only one color in the background and a big contrast from hair to background.
Select the Automask Tool from the toolbar.
Automask Tool
Setup the tool options like this:
Automask Tool Options

About 30% Tolerance, Fill holes selected and Soft Edge 50.

3. Now click with the mouse in the upper right edge of the image. If the action didn't select
enough, press Shift and click once more again, the are will increase. If the selection was to
much, press Ctrl and click, the selection will decrease. You should get something like this:
Picture with Mask

4. Now you have to invert the Mask Tools/Mask/Invert (Only if you have masked the background).

5. Open a new image, that you would like to be the background of your image.

6. Activate the lasso tool and drag the masked image to your background image. Depending on your settings, you will get a selection or a layer at the background image window. If you have a selection, drag the image to the place you like and double click the image. Then press Ctrl+D to delete the selection. If you got a new layer, activate the layer move tool and place the new layer where you would like it. Then select Layer/Reduce to background layer. Both ways you should get something like this:
Resulting Image 2

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