PhotoLine Tip: Two images on one piece of paper

1. You have scanned some text and from another paper an image with a soccer player.
Resulting Image 1 Resulting Image 2

2. You want to put the text onto the footbal player image. So you first of all have to resize the football player image (but not scale). To do this activate the football player image and select Layer/Change Layer Size....
Layer Size Panel

Here you can change the size of the image. You can setup the new size or you can resize the image. Use the arrows below the preview image to setup the position of the image.

3. Now you have several ways to bring the soccer player to the text.
The best would be to activate the text image. Press Ctrl-(Mac Cmd-)C to copy the image. Now activate the football player image and press Ctrl-(Mac Cmd-)V to paste the text. Use the layer move tool to change the size and position of the text.

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