PhotoLine Tip: How to morph one image to another
1. Start with two images, which have to be layer one and two of a PhotoLine document, for example
Bild 1            Bild 2
If the images are in two windows, select the layer tool from the toolbar, press the Alt-key and drag the second image onto the first one.

2. Select Filter/Shape Tools/Morph.
That's the morph panel. On the left side there is the source image, on the right side there is the destination image.
The preview in the middle of the dialog shows the morph steps. To see this, you have to move the slider below the preview.
Your first action is to place some arrows in the source window. To set an arrow click in the source window and drag to the end of the arrow. Every time you set an arrow in the source image, you will get the same arrow in the destination image. Then activate the edit mode button and drag the arrow in the destination image to the place where the part of the source image should be moved.
If it's easier for you, you can also set the arrow in the destination image and then edit the arrow in the source window.

3. Setup the amount of steps you want to get at Steps

4. Now press OK and PhotoLine will create an animation.

5. Select Tool/Animate layers to see the animation. You can save the animation in PLD- or GIF-format.
Resulting Image

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