PhotoLine Tip: Create a pattern
1. You want to create a pattern that can be used in PhotoLine. Start with an image of your choice, for example scanned image.
Start Image

2. Select the part of the image that should become the pattern. Create a rectangle lasso around it and select Crop in the Context menu (press the right mouse button to get it).
Crop Image

3. Select now Filter/Other/Move Layer Content. Setup the horizontal and vertical movement to about half of the image size and select Copy Moved Areas.
Move Layer Content

4. You will get an image now, where the border is ok. But the arrows show a border inside the image.
Resulting Image 1

5. You have to remove this border now. Use the copy brush and the finger to do this.
Copy Brush Tool Finger Tool
The result should look like this:
Resulting Image 2

6. The pattern is ready now. You have to drag it to the pattern list dialog. First open the pattern dialog (View/Lists/Color List).
Pattern List
You can drag the pattern onto this dialog with the layer tool.
Layer Tool
Drag it to a free place or onto another pattern or to the slider on the right side.
Normally the background layer is locked against moving. So you will have problems to drag it.
The lock can be seen in the layer dialog.
Layer Panel
You can remove the lock with a click on it. You can also temporarly remove the lock when you press and hold the Alt-key before moving the layer.

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