PhotoLine Tip: Dynamic Animation: How to create a rotating image
1. Start with an image of your choice, for example
2. Select Web/Dynamic Animation.
Dynamic Animation

3. Click here on the i symbol to get the Animation Information dialog.
Setup here a animation duration, for example 5 seconds.

4. Drag now the image from the right side of the animation dialog into the time line.
Dynamic Animation with Sequenz

5. Move now the little slider under the timeline into the middle of the line. Then click with the right mouse button onto the timeline to get the context menu. Select Use Position here.
Dynamic Animation Position

6. Klick onto the i with the little film strip to get the Sequenz Properties dialog. Setup here the width of the image in the middle time point to -100% (it was 100%).

7. Now the animation is ready. You can test it with a click onto the little arrow on the bottom left side of the Dynamic Animation dialog. You can save the animation in a file format that supports animations, for example GIF or SWF (Flash).
Resulting Image

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