PhotoLine Tip: An image with structure
1. You can start with a new image (for example 80 x 80 pixel in size, RGB color) or you can use an image of your choice. Resulting Image 1
2. Select Edit Mask (click on the right button below the foreground/background color field) Mask
3. Select Filter/Quality/Roughen. Set size to 3x3, 80%, press OK. Leave the Edit Mask mode (click on the icon again)
4. Select Effects/Effect Filters/Emboss Filter. Set the direction to 45, the Height to 45 degrees, and the Width to 3. Press OK. If you worked without an image, you now have a grey paper background. Resulting Image 2Resulting Image 3
5. If you want to change the color, select Tool/Color/Hue-Saturation. Select the Colorize checkbox, and set Intensity to 0, Saturation to 100. If you would like a different color, change Hue to a different setting. Resulting Image 4
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