PhotoLine Tip: Create a transparent text box

1. Start with an image of your choice.
Resulting Image 1

2. Mask the image with a soft edge of about 50 (for details see automask) and select the
Draw Tool from the tool bar. Then press Work On Whole Picture at the tool options dialog.
Draw Tool Options

You get something like this:
Resulting Image 2

3. Create a colored rectangle now. Use the rectangle tool from the toolbar to do this.
Rect Tool
Resulting Image 3

4. Select the text tool from the toolbar now.
Text Tool

5. Now write your text on the rectangle.
After this mark the text layer and the rectangle layer in the layer dialog.
Layer Panel

Select now Layer/Management/Group Marked Layers.
Resulting Image 4

6. Now change the intensity of the group at the Layer Panel to 50%. And when your ready, select Layer/Reduce to Background Layer.

Resulting Image 5

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