PhotoLine Tip: Vectorize an image

1. You have an image on a sheet of paper and want to get a vector graphic from it.

2. Although the image is black/white, you should scan it in gray mode with about 300dpi.
Start Image
You will always get gray shadows when you scan paper because of the structures of the paper.

3. Select now Tool/Curves.... Double click the All curve. You will see the Curve Editor of PhotoLine.
Curve Editor
Setup the text field in the lower left corner to 2 and click on the steps button beside the text field.

4. This function changes the various gray values of the image to only two (black and white. You can click on the two arrow buttons of the icon bar (left and right) to move the vertical line. So you can setup the threshold for your convertion.
Curve Editor 1 Resulting Image 1
Curve Editor 2 Resulting Image 2

5. Just try to get the best position for the vertical line. The best position is where you get a black and white image without noise pixels and your image is still complete. If there are some noise pixels left after this operation, you can remove it with the rubber tool or the median filter.
Resulting Image 3

6. Select now the function Layer/Convert Layer Type.... Setup the destionation to vector here. You will get a vector image with many vector points.
Vectorized Image

7. To get a vector graphic that can be better handled select Layout/Vector/Optimize Vector Layer....
Vector Optimization

8. Depending on your image, setup to optimize lines or curves and setup the tolerance value.
Resulting Vector Image

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