Neue Testversion 20.00b3

Hier diskutieren die Betatester von PhotoLine untereinander und mit den Entwicklern
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Re: Neue Testversion 20.00b3

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Herbert123 wrote:
Martin Huber wrote:
Herbert123 wrote:I double-clicked by accident on a fill in the layer panel.
I like your enthusiastic post, but I didn't understand where you clicked exactly and what happened after clicking :-)


multiple fills and strokes.jpg

I was never aware that PhotoLine actually supported multiple stacked fills and strokes! Illustrator can do that, and I was gobsmacked when I discovered it by accident in PhotoLine when I tried to double-click the fill field, but hit the word "Vector" instead. I never knew! :shock:

As a future feature request it would be awesome if both opacity and blend mode for each one could be controlled as well similar to Illustrator.
Still, it is a rather nice surprise!
It has actually been there for quite a few YEARS! At least 8 years as far as I can remember.
I vote for your feature request too.
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Re: Black Overprint in PDF

Post by Herbert123 »

Martin Huber wrote:
Herbert123 wrote:That sounds good enough to me. This type of prepress work requires knowledge of prepress work anyway. But perhaps a checkbox in the monochrome layer properties can fix this? Just a suggestion. It also seems that Burkhard's method accomplishes the same result?
Burkhard's solution works fine, but it doesn't allow PDF overprint (only overwriting the K channel), simply because PhotoLine doesn't show the overprint controls for images with transparency.
Herbert123 wrote:I am also wondering if it could be possible to assign a spot colour to the monochrome layer just like the grayscale layer. It would allow precise control for high-resolution bitmap spot colours. With the overprint option, of course :-)
I already changed that.

That is awesome! It expands Photoline's DTP prepress functionality quite a bit with this addition. Thank you! You're so fast implementing useful stuff - incredible.
Martin Huber wrote:
Herbert123 wrote:Aside from this, would it be possible to add a PPI field to the new layer field? This makes it simpler to work with PPI in a document.
This "New Layer" dialog is here for 3 years now, and this is the first time, that I read a complaint about the missing dpi field (at least I don't remember :) ). Aside from that, I don't see the benefit of the dpi field. In the past (with the dpi field) a lot of people had problems understanding the correlation of the pixel size, the dpi value and the physical size of the layer. This, and the fact that most new layers will have the same dpi value as the background layer, let me doubt, that a dpi field is really needed. Those who understand the correlation can easily switch the dpi value or the physical size after creating the new layer using the layer attributes.
Yes, you are of course correct. I thought it over, and I agree with you: it is not a feature that would be used on a regular basis by most users (the ppi value may very well confuse the average user). And it is simple to change (multiply or divide) the ppi value in the layer properties afterwards.
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Re: Neue Testversion 20.00b3

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Paul wrote:
Also, when I apply the effect 'Vault', this works fine, but after dragging another image onto the placeholder frame, the effect has disappeared.

Strange, it works fine here. Do you have a small sample document to reproduce that.
I can't reproduce this anymore, I must have done some crazy things. Next time I'll save test-documents better.
- Paul