New in Version 15.05

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New in Version 15.05

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we released version 15.05 of PhotoLine right now.
You can download from the Download page.

New in this version:
- Dockable Dialogs: Use Ctrl-Key to avoid docking

Bug Fixes:
- Spray, graphics tablet, Mac OS?: spray tool only worked while dragging
the pen
- Window scroll bar, Mac OS: dragging didn't work correctly
- Dialog preview: many dialogs used the same key for saving the preview
- Contrast/Brightness: dialog controls were not always accessible
- Save As, action: file type wan't applied corectly when used in an action
- Color Picker: using the "All Layers"-mode sometimes the color picker showed
transparency even if there wasn't none
- Color Picker: usin the "All Layers"-mode not all working layer types were
handled correctly
- Custom Filter, working layer: Custom Filter used as working layer showed the
wrong channels
- Transparency, Screen, Reduce to Background: With picture the transparency
on-screen and the trasparency from Reduce To Background could be different
- Date/Page Number, Windows: Crash when used
- Helper Dialogs, Windows: If such a dialog was outside the main program
window, they couldn't be shown/hidden using the menu
- Histogram: Pressing "Auto" didn't update preview
- Helper Dialogs, Mac OS: Minimized dialogs didn't save their size
- PDF import, PDF export: manual kerning wasn't treated correctly
- Text, redraw, Mac OS: if text with a scaled font was scrolled horizontally,
the redraw could be incorrect
- Histogram Correction, gray image: tiled full preview didn't work correctly
- Histogram Correction, resizable dialog: didn't work always correctly
- Copy Brush: crash with option "Show Copy"

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