Red Apple Title Bar

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Red Apple Title Bar

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I don't think I have ever seen this before in the 13 years or so that I have been working on a Mac, but yesterday while editing with PhotoLine my MBP displayed a red Apple Title Bar. Bright red.

It is the Apple Title Bar, not the PhotoLine title bar, so I suspect it is Apple trying to tell me something, but since I was running PhotoLine at the time I thought that perhaps someone here might have seen something similar and know what it means or what Apple is trying to tell me. Is it related to something that PhotoLine is doing? Or a memory issue? Or a cpu issue? My MBP is highly spec-ed (i9, 32GB RAM) and the only thing going on was PhotoLine and, as I remember, calling a plugin or external app.

Assuming this is an Apple issue I first posted it on the Apple forum, but got no responses so I thought I wold try here in case this is related to something PhotoLine was doing or seeing at the time.

See the attached screen shot.
Red PL Banner.png


Found the answer. Google is sometimes my friend and I should have gone there first.
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