PL32 Flickr group

Here everybody can post his problems with PhotoLine
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PL32 Flickr group

Post by Novice23 » Fri 27 Oct 2006 09:31

I just recently started using PL32 and I created a group on Flickr to discuss the program and to display photos edited by the program.

Apparently, there seems to be no way to adjust the color balance in shadows, midtones, and highlights simultaneously. I think it would be faster and easier, although not as accurate, if this could be done.

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Post by Hoogo » Fri 27 Oct 2006 10:55

I had a short look. The problem with the eraser is easy to solve: There are layers with transparency and layers without. Transparency can be enabled in Layers > properties (at least I assume it's called like that in the english version). The same dialog pops up when double-clicking into a layer in the layer-list. Maybe you can give that information to the one with the problem?

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Post by DJJohnson » Fri 27 Oct 2006 11:26

What a good idea. Thanks for doing this. It's difficult to discuss editing photos without having real examples from that software to share when discussing methods and tips. Someone had suggested installing an "Attachment" modification to the discussion forum here but it was said that that is difficult to keep from being abused.

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Post by Novice23 » Sat 28 Oct 2006 04:51

hoogo -- I will copy and paste your solution to the eraser problem in the Flickr group. Thanks very much.

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Graphic Editor Cross-Reference Page

Post by Koyaanis » Wed 01 Nov 2006 05:46

It looks like some of the members at that PL32 Flickr group are up to yes-good. (As opposed to no-good.) One of them is creating a cross-reference page listing most of PL32's main functions and tools with their equivalent commands in PhotoShop and Paint Shop Pro. This sure will help those of us that are migrating from either of those programs.


Here's a link to that page in case you can't find it easily at the Flickr group (I don't think the author will mind my posting it here, I have had contact with him/her in the past):

Graphic Editor Cross-Reference List


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Thanks ! Very nice cross-reference!

Post by lutz » Mon 06 Nov 2006 22:27

Thanks !
Very nice and usefull cross-reference web site.