PhotoLine Tip: Create a Business Card
1. You want to create a business card. To do this, create a new document in the size of the card first. Select File/New/New Document....
New Document
You should setup the size of the card in mm or inches. If there is another unit, you can setup the unit with a right click on the text field. A popup appears where you can setup the wished unit.
A value of 85mm to 54 mm is a good value normally. But if you use a special business card paper to print the cards, setup the predefined size.

2. You will get an empty document. First of all you should enter the text you need. Select the text tool from the tool bar.
Text Tool
Setup the font you want at the Layer Settings dialog.
Text Options

3. Click with the mouse into the empty document and type your text.
Business Card 1

4. You can create a border like our example. We did it with the rectangle function from the tool bar.
Rect Tool
Setup the fill color to transparent (Opacity 0) and the line color to black. Setup the line color to 3 pixel.
Vector Options

5. Now we can improve the name with a 3D shadow. Select Effects/Effects/3D-Shadow.... Activate Online Preview to see what happens with your settings.
Layer Effect 3D-Shadow

Business Card 2

6. Now we want a little image on our business card. Open the image and select the layer tool from the tool bar.
Layer Tool
With this tool you can move the image to the empty card. To avoid unintended movements, PhotoLine prevents single images from moving with a lock in the layer dialog.
Layer Panel
You can remove the lock with a click on it. Another way is to press the Alt-key while moving the layer this will remove the lock for the moment.
Visitenkarte 3

7. You can place the image with the mouse where ever you want. You can scale it by dragging the edges of the image. To scale proportional, hold the Alt-key while dragging.

8. Now the business card is ready. You should save it in PLD-format. You should take the PLD-format because it can save the text layers and the 3D-shadow and you can edit it after saving.

9. To print the card select File/Print Options... first. Setup the print mode to label and the width and height of the card (85x54 mm in our example).
Print Options
Setup the border according to your business card paper or if you use normal paper to the printer borders. Save now your document again in PLD format because PhotoLine will then remember your pinter settings.

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