PhotoLine Tip: A helicopter

1. You want to draw a helicopter. Create in PhotoLine the parts of the helicopter with the graphic primitives. First select the graphic primitive from the tool bar.
Vector Circle Tool

2. To create the correct form select the the tool Select/Move Points. Create a rainbow blend. It should look like this:
Vector Edit Tool
You can drag the points of a vector element with this tool. Use it to create the body of the helicopter from a circle.
Part 1

3. Create all the parts of the helicopter this way.
Part 2Part 2Part 2
4. Use a little trick to create the wheels of the helicopter. First create a circle.
Wheel 1
Then press and hold the Shift key and create a little circle inside.
Wheel 2

5. Now we want to get a 3D-Effect. We use the function Effects/Effects/Inner Emboss... for this. Here is a sample for the wheel.
Inner Emboss
The result looks like this:
Wheel 3

5. Use the inner emboss for all parts. Then move the parst to an empty document. To create a helicopter, you have to scale or rotate some part. The result will look like this:

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